Aaron Farber aka “the rocket” is a rocket scientist, operates nuclear reactors and teaches flight school, for real. He also spends his free time rock climbing, scuba diving and star gazing.  Check out photos of his crazy adventures on his website.

Christoph Dribusch, aka “the machine” our very own German, invents wild washing machines, does the grad school thing, and keeps us grounded.

Alie Buckmire aka “the beast” is a former corporate powerhouse who now gets his kicks through yoga, acroyoga, photography and grad school.

Serena Tang aka “bring it” is a graphic designer, visual artist, capoeirista, acrobat and parent. She received her AcroYoga Montreal teaching certification in 2010.

Natalie Brewster Nguyen aka “powerhouse” is a performance artist, writer, actor, acroyoga teacher, yoga teacher,  parent, massage therapist, and musician.  She is a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 (2008), Acroyoga MTL certified teacher (2009), and Yogaslackers certified teacher (2011).

Andre Newman aka “the muscle” is a capoeirista, artist, acrobat and parent.  He works with the Paxis Institute. He received his AcroYoga Montreal teaching certification in 2010.

Kyra Weinberger aka “flexi” is a renaissance woman.  She has been a professional Ballet Dancer, Opera Singer, actor, and much else.  She currently studies and teaches yoga full time and acts for the Beowulf Theater in Tucson.

Leanne Marie Rogers aka “trixie” spends a great deal of time jet-setting down to Mexico when she’s not flying on someone’s feet.  When she isn’t making bride’s dreams come true on the beaches of Playa del Carmen, she brings us a plethora of playfulness and a multitude of mindfulness.

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