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March 27, 2014

downdog scorpion
Sunday, March 30
Cirque Roots
$20 at the door
Join us for our monthly beginner acro workshop.
If you’ve been curious about acro yoga for a while now, here’s your chance!! These workshops provide a safe environment to come play and get your feet wet in the world of Acro Yoga!Flight School highly recommends attending an Acroyoga Fundamentals workshop to build a strong foundational practice. While our weekly classes are mixed level, and beginners are welcome, the fundamentals course is an opportunity to learn the primary building blocks in a supportive environment. Workshop attendance will enhance the weekly class experience for you and everyone.Bring a friend and see you there!
cost: $20 USD

Acroyoga Spring Break…Natalie Brewster Nguyen in Florida
February 28, 2014

SPRING BREAK! Florida workshop tour with Natalie Brewster Nguyen
TO REGISTER please contact the studio directly, or email me at revoluution @ gmail.comacroyoga spring break flyer

At Capoeira Karkara
3553 Boynton Beach Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL 33436
(561) 737-3425
March 15th 1-2:15pm Family Acroyoga $20 for one parent and child, $5 additional each family member.
March 15th 2:30-4:30pm Acroyoga Fundamentals (age 15+) $40
March 17th 12-1pm Acroyoga for kids (part of spring break camp)

In GainsevilleFL location TBA
March 19th 6-8pm Acroyoga Fundamentals.

At Thee House of Yoga
412 5th Ave, Indialantic, FL 32903
(321) 652-9642
March 21 5:30pm-8pm Acroyoga Fundamentals $60
March 22 1-4pm Back to the Lab $60

About Acroyoga:

Acroyoga is a practice that combines many elements- yoga, partner balancing, circus acrobatics, creative movement, therapeutic movement, and isometric strength building. Acroyoga will challenge your body, build trust and community, and confront fear in an accessible way. You do not have to be super strong to have fun with acroyoga…and you won’t even notice how hard you’re working as we play.

We will focus on 3 primary areas:
* Safe Spotting: How to keep yourself and your partners safe. This is the most important skill you will learn in Acroyoga.
* Technique: Underlying principles that will allow you to do things you might never have thought possible.
* Communication: Nothing can happen without strong communication in Acroyoga. We will break down common names and key words in Acroyoga, provide a very brief history of where it all comes from, and discuss how to speak to each other respectfully in precarious situations, so we can all stay friends.

It is beneficial if you are able to:
Plank Pose (push up position) 15-20 second hold
Uttanasana (forward fold, able to reach toes with straight legs)
Bridge pose or backbend
Headstand or other inversion

Workshop Descriptions

Acroyoga Fundamentals: This fundamentals workshop is specifically for beginners to learn the primary acroyoga building blocks in a supportive environment. More experienced acroyogis are welcome to take the course as well, to refresh your foundational skills, or to practice foundational skills in a role that is new to you (bases, come fly. Flyers, come base!) No partner is necessary to participate in this workshop.

Family Acroyoga: Practice acroyoga with your kids! We’ve all done airplane with little ones, and we know how much fun it is to swing them around in circles. Learn how to build an acroyoga practice with your kids that reduces stress and builds communication and trust.

Acroyoga for Kids: Beginning circus, yoga, and partner balancing skills for kids age 8+. We’ll play movement and theater games, do yoga, and learn some partner balancing tricks that kids can do with each other.

Trios and Getting High: A look at more traditional acrobalance and acrobatic skills from an acroyoga perspective. Learn fun and challenging moves that require momentum, multiple bases or flyers, standing, jumping, and kneeling. It is best to have some experience and body awareness to take this workshop.

Back to the Lab: Intermediate acroyoga transitions, washing machines, and extensive creative process drills and theater games to get you into your creative body and out of your routine. Should have approx 6 months acroyoga experience or other acro/balance/movement background.

Suggested Pre-reqs
Foot to Hand (low or high)
Handstand (30 sec, wall ok)
Yoga experience of some kind


Natalie Brewster Nguyen is a performance artist, activist, writer, actor, movement artist, educator, and musician. She currently works independently and as an acrobatic performer and creative director with Flight School Acrobatics in Tucson, AZ, and as an affiliate member of the acclaimed experimental performance art troupe La Pocha Nostra.

She is a Yoga Alliance 200-RYT and received her yoga teacher training from the Lotus Seed School in Portland, OR in 2008, with attention to yoga for underserved communities. She also received her Acroyoga MTL teaching certification in 2009, and her certification as a YogaSlackers teacher in 2012. She regularly teaches yoga, slackline, and acroyoga in multiple studios and cities, and is most often in Chicago, Boston, Tucson, and Montreal.

Natalie is a parent of one biological child, and collectively parents four children in a co-parenting community. She is devoted to facilitating transformational change in individuals and her community through performance, nutrition, body awareness, massage therapy, personal training, and compassionately challenging the body, mind, and spirit to open doors and release emotional stress.

She is profoundly moved by the possibilities and personal power we can uncover when addressing the body as a geographical site for change.

Her work can be found here:
http://acroyoga.com1525040_430004407124971_1305865963_n (3) 1471088_10201246957635320_868446076_n 859201_10201993336572818_64098626_o (1)


Intermediate Acro Yoga Workshop
February 10, 2014


Questions? Contact Alie at

Upcoming Workshop!
June 16, 2011

Friday, July 1st Yoga Flow will be hosting a Pops and Hand-to-hand workshop right here in Tucson by members of Flight School! Our very own Andre, Serena, and Christoph will share their expertise as you test a little fun. Remember this is an intermediate-advanced workshop, so please be mindful of your abilities, and feel free to contact us if you have any uncertainties.

Members of FS Join AcroYoga Montreal for Fusion Throw-Down 2011
June 6, 2011


Immerse • Create • Explore

Jessie&Eugene: Seamless Flow
Andre Newman, Serena Tang and Christoph Dribusch: Capoeria meets AcroYoga/Hand to Hand / Pops
Jill Campbell and Cost Koutrokois: Interchanging Roles
Natalie Brewster Nguyen: Base Techniques
Kate “B-Girl Lynx” Alsterlund: B-boying/B-girling meets AcroYoga

to register email: INFO@ACROYOGA.COM
telephone: 514-875-9642